Board of Directors


The board of directors of Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) awards research grants, which are posted as calls once per year. However, grants directed at research initiatives may be applied for continually and are decided upon by the board’s Executive Committee.

The board is comprised of individuals with expert knowledge of economics
and politics, many of whom are professors and members of the Swedish
parliament. This implies that the foundation represents a unique and
comprehensive network within the research community, with connections
between different research areas and between research and other central
public interests.

Board Members


Professor Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg (Chairperson) Professor Staffan I. Lindberg
Professor Merle Jacob Professor Bo Reimer
Professor Carina Mood Professor Göran Djupsund
Professor Jenny Andersson Professor Laura Kolbe
Ulla Andersson,  MP (V) Gunilla Carlsson, MP (S)
Ingemar Nilsson, MP (S) Peter Persson, MP (S)
Ingela Nylund Watz, MP (S) Monica Haider MP (S)
Betty Malmberg, MP (M) Hans Rothenberg, MP (M)
vacant, MP (M) Maria Stockhaus, MP (M)
Gunilla Svantorp, MP (S) Pia Nilsson, MP (S)
Director Kerstin Hessius  
former Chief Economist at Handelsbanken Jan Häggström  

Executive Committee

Professor Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg
Ms Ingela Nylund Watz, MP (S)

Finance Committee

Director Kerstin Hessius
former Chief Economist at Handelsbanken Jan Häggström


The Swedish National Audit Office has been, by law, the foundation's external auditor since 1 July 2003, when it superseded the Parliamentary Auditors. Pursuant to RJ's Statutes, the Board has appointed PwC as its internal auditor. There, the auditor in charge is Authorised Public Accountant Ulrika Granholm Dahl.