Technology, Institutions and Change


Technology, Institutions and Change embarked on its work in 2011.

The members of this Sector Committee, with its interdisciplinary composition, possess expertise in Medicine, Ethics, Law, Philosophy, History, Political Science and more. They began the year with a two-year residential conference to define their tasks and thematic boundaries. These discussions continued during the year and may culminate in a written programme description. The SC decided to change its name (from the 'Sector Committee for Technological Development and Institutional Change in the Early 21st Century') and one intention is for the ideas of technology, institutions and change to become the starting point for a thematic programme statement.

The Technology, Institutions and Change carried out two study visits, one to the Mobile Life Centre in Kista, for a presentation of its work and practical exercises in 'critical design', and the other to HUMlab and HUMlab-X in UmeƄ, where the director Patrik Svensson and a number of researchers presented themselves and their environments.