ALM: Collections and Research


In 2015 and 2016, the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) announced funding for projects that develop research and opportunities for research on collections in Sweden's memory institutions.

Collections and Research is a development of the two funders' previous joint efforts in the postdoctoral programme for the ALM (archives, libraries and museums) sector.

The Collections and Research programme focuses on collaboration between memory institutions and research at universities and university colleges. It is intended to support various measure aimed at making the collections known, accessible and usable for research. Applicants have full freedom to independently determine the focus and design of their projects. It is possible to receive funding for different types of studies: material-oriented, empirical surveys, work focused on methodological and theory questions, studies oriented towards the meta-issues of memory institutions and/or everyday questions. Pure research projects are referred to other support forms.

Awarded projects in 2016

Rickard Domeij, The Institute for Language and Folklore: SpeakingUp -- Making spoken cultural heritage accessible for research

Kajsa Hartig, Nordic Museum: Collecting Social Digital Photography

Ulf Johansson Dahre, Lund University: Beyond curiosity and wonder—understanding the Museum Stobaeanum

Magnus Källström, National Heritage Board, Visby: Everlasting Runes – a research platform for Sweden's runic inscriptions

Rebecka Lennartsson, Stockholm City Museum: Gendered spaces. Multidimensional walks in urban history

Awarded projects in 2015

Jonas Engman, Nordic Museum: Everyday pictures and stories. A project about cultural transformations in the Nordic Museum's collections

Mats Malm, University of Gothenburg: How does the artist emerge from the archives? The example of Arosenius

Jonas Nordin, National Library of Sweden: TTT: [Text to Time] Medieval texts in context – then and now

Sofia Seifarth, National Museum of Science and Technology: Digital Models. The National Museum of Science and Technology's Collections, Digital Humanities & Stories of Industrialism

Clas Tollin, National Archives: The TORA Project. Building and coordinating historical databases