Riksdag Research


Research about the Riksdag has decreased, while the role and duties of the Riksdag have change significantly, in part due to globalisation, increasing European integration, mediasation and demands for greater transparency

These changing conditions also influence decision-making processes in the chamber and committees. International parliamentary research has come to deal with issues that have not been sufficiently examined by Swedish research.

Against this background, four researchers were awarded grants:

  • Hanna Bäck: The Ideological Cohesion of Parliamentary Parties and Its Implications for Decision-Making in Modern Democracies
  • Elin Naurin: Democratic Representation Through the Eyes of Parliamentarians
  • Mats Sjölin: Party Government in Flux: Changing Conditions for the Party Groups in the Swedish Riksdag
  • Lena Wängnerud: Testing the Politics of Presence. A Comparative Study on the Importance of Gender, Class, and Ethnicity in the Swedish Parliament