Asset allocation


The distribution of assets among different categories varies over time, depending on market conditions and the management team's expectations of future trends.

This is a matter of allocating assets among, first, the various asset types and, second, different markets. At year-end 1988, the portfolio was 100% composed of interest-bearing securities. Since then the proportions invested in shares but also properties and alternative investments have risen. In the past ten-year period, RJ has had an average of 55% of its assets invested in shares.

Asset allocation in the years 1989 to 2018

Allocation at 31 Dec. 2018


 Asset allocation at 31 December 2018



 Allocation within shares


Shares (51,6% of portfolio)


Exposure by region


Exposure by sector

Chart showing allocation within shares


Chart showing exposure by region

  Exposure by sector



Allocation, interest-bearing portfolio and other investments

(25,6% of portfolio)

  Properties and alternative investments
(22,8% of portfolio)
Allocation, interest-bearing portfolio


  Properties and alternative investments