Real-return targets and results


RJ has fulfilled, by a substantial margin, the return targets adopted by the Board for the foundation's financial activities.

From the start, the Finance Department's goal was to substantially safeguard the real value of assets, i.e. maintain its value in relation to inflation. In 1997 this goal was revised to a real return of 5% over time. In 2003, this target was lowered to 4%.

In 2017, the Board approved an investment policy with the target of a long-term average annual real return of at least 3%. With this target, RJ expects to maintain an even level of research grants, thus allowing the long-term active promotion and support of scholarly research.

Target fulfilment in relation to the targets adopted in the above three periods

Ten-year overview: results and return

Financial result in the ten-year period 2009–2018 amounted to SEK 9,448 million. The foundation's total return was 140.1%, while the benchmark index return was 128.5%. Accordingly, the Finance Department's active asset management exceeded the benchmark index of the reference portfolio by 11.6 percentage points altogether.

Altogether, real return amounted to 129.0%, which exceeded the long-term target by 83.9 percentage points. The average real return for 2003-2018 was 7.8%, against the average target of 3.9% a year.

Ten-year overview: results and return

Ten-year overview: results and return