Daniel Solling

Digitization and cataloguing of the alba amicorum at Uppsala University Library

The purpose of this project is to digitize and catalogue the collection of alba amicorum at Uppsala University Library (UUB). The catalogue will be made available both on the Internet and as a printed book. Alba amicorum are a kind of autograph books mostly used by students and later by others from the 16th century onwards. In an album amicorum one collected entries from friends and important acquaintances. The entries usually consist of quotations and dedications containing the place and date of the inscription and the signature of the contributor. Thus the alba amicorum offer unique glimpses into cultural development over time, and by following the inscriptions of different alba amicorum the important social networks emerging in Europe during these centuries can be investigated. The alba amicorum at UUB have great cultural historical significance and the collection contains the alba amicorum of e.g. Carl Peter Thunberg and Albert Engström and inscriptions from i.a. Carl Linnaeus, H.C. Andersen, Alexander von Humboldt and Isaac Newton. A digitization and cataloguing according to international standards would enable new national and international research on this material. At present a typewritten list of the alba amicorum at UUB exists. The planned catalogue will be searchable and freely available in Alvin, the digital platform of UUB and the catalogue information will be linked to the digitized pictures.
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Uppsala University Library
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SEK 3,795,000.00
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