Helena Victor

Frozen in Time - histories of life and moments of death at Sandby borg

The project deals with the Iron Age ring-fort of Sandby borg on Öland where previous investigations suggest a violent massacre in the late 5th century AD. The victims were not buried, but were left lying where they fell. This has created a very unusual archaeological material providing a unique insight into the life histories and death of individuals, as well as people s social organization and material culture during the middle Iron Age.
The first part of the project consists of archaeological excavation and artefact research together with various laboratory analyzes. We focus on the life history of individuals and artefacts as well as the individual event, using among other things forensic methodology combined with 3D photography. Detailed osteological analyzes and studies of stable isotopes and DNA are used to provide as detailed a picture as possible of the people in the fort and their fate.
The second part of the project concerns the role of Sandby borg in contemporary society and how the history of the fort can be conveyed in an ethical way. Focus is on the making of meaning and the communication of "difficult heritage", traces of traumatic events that can be difficult to understand and reconcile with.
The project is a collaboration between Dept. of Museum Archaeology /Kalmar County Museum, Linnaeus University and Stockholm University.
Grant administrator
Kalmar läns museum
Reference number
SEK 5,110,000.00