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1st Conference on Sustainable Business, Reporting and Assurance: A Focus on Challenges and Future Knowledge Needs

This year, it is 30 years since the Bruntland Report entitled "Our common future" (UNWCED) was published with the objective of drawing attention to the global need for sustainable development. Many meritorious initiatives have since resulted in a faster adaption towards sustainable development - both at national and international level. Due to vigorous practice development among companies, the new EU directive mandating larger companies to provide sustainability disclosures, the forthcoming regulations concerning inclusion of sustainable perspectives on investment valuations, disclosure rules, tax transparency and anti-corruption, there is a vital need to bring together different parties to discuss these challenges and, thereby, set out new paths to explore and initiate interdisciplinary research projects to meet the future knowledge needs related to sustainable business, reporting and assurance.

The objective with this conference is to establish a meeting where senior researchers, practitioners, politicians and policy makers are brought together to discuss the challenges and future knowledge needs related to the aforementioned issues. The ambition is to contribute to a synthesising and increased understanding of the challenges related to sustainable business, reporting and assurance, to initiate new directions of research to meet future knowledge needs, as well as, to promote further communication between researchers, practitioners, politicians and policy makers.
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Arvidsson, S. (ed). 2018 forthcoming). The 1st SUBREA Conference report - A focus on challenges and future knowledge needs. Lund University:Media-Tryck

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