Klas Grinell

Associating cared for benefits with sustainable consumption in order to motivate action

It is assumed that if people will start behaving sustainably if they only understand that many of our resources are finite and that overconsumption has severe consequences. Unfortunately, despite general knowledge of the harmful impact of modern consumption to our climate and natural habitat, we keep consuming in unsustainable ways. For many, the benefits of sustainable consumption are not sufficiently motivating, especially when it conflicts with their goals. Our research results indicate that a viable way to circumnavigate such psychological barriers is to use co-benefits of sustainable consumption to motivate change. Highlighting societal benefits related to job creation, and scientific advancement, as well as community benefits such as a friendlier society, has proven to motivate climate skeptics and believers alike. This project will stimulate people to start searching for benefits of sustainable choices and thereby recruit new groups to climate change action. This will be achieved through a collaboration between one of the co-benefit researchers and the National Museums of World Culture (NMWC), within a larger exhibition on sustainable consumption. We will develop an interactive activity that showcases and encourages reflection on co-benefits of sustainable consumption. This project will go beyond typical science communication by engaging the intellect, body, and emotion. Through the NMWC we will reach around 200.000 visitors and 800 school classes.
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National Museums of World Culture
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SEK 430,000.00
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Applied Psychology