Erik Berggren

Lobby. Knowledge Exchange and Communication on Refugee Reception and Integration through Exhibition and Dialogue

The current refugee situation pose a challenge to research, to municipalities and civil society organisations for a humane refugee reception. There is a need for new solutions and often local government officials, social workers, and refugees themselves have the most important knowledge. Hence, all can benefit from the creation of a space for mutual exchange of knowledge and best practices on integration. Also important is the communication with the public to counter worry, xenophobic responses and racism. This communication project will pursue this goal through the production of exhibitions and conversations in the exhibition space. Two different exhibition traditions will be employed, which need separate “framing”. Collaborations with contemporary artists, nationally and internationally, will be initiated to raise relevant issues of migration and refuge, with or against the grain of the dominant currents in public debate. More direct research disseminating exhibitions will also be created and this require a more stringet approach to scientific facts, corroborated claims, and a clear sender. Particular focus will lie on the problems and possibilities of municipalities in refugee reception. The work will be led by the project manager, Erik Berggren together with a scientific council and different participants from municipalities, civil society, artists and refugee groups.
Grant manager
Linköping University, Norrkoping
Reference number
SEK 450,000.00
Kommunikationsprojekt II
International Migration and Ethnic Relations