Terry Hartig

“More together, more apart: migration, densification, segregation” - the 30th annual conference of the European Network for Housing Research, Uppsala, 26-29 June, 2018

The application concerns a major international housing research conference to be hosted in 2018 by the Institute for Housing and Urban Research at Uppsala University. The conference theme “More together, more apart” captures the paradoxical nature of the problem in focus and emphasizes the need to study migration, densification, and segregation as integrated rather than separate processes. To help advance integration of research on these processes of social, spatial, and physical change in communities, invited speakers will present work joining those processes and outline key knowledge gaps. Participants will represent all social sciences as well as professions like architecture and urban planning. The first day will be devoted to a colloquium in which Swedish and international PhD students discuss their work and build their networks. The remaining three days will be filled with invited lectures, workshops, and field trips tied to the conference theme. Thus, new and established researchers from Sweden and many other countries can advance multidisciplinary exchange on pressing societal problems. In addition to serving objectives of multidisciplinary and international exchange, student training, and research integration, the conference will provide opportunities for local, regional and national actors to take advantage of the gathered expertise. They can thus gain insights on problems and possibilities with migration, densification and segregation in Sweden and abroad.
Grant administrator
Uppsala University
Reference number
SEK 300,000.00
Research initiation
International Migration and Ethnic Relations