Nils Olsson

NubuWeb – Nordic online archive for avant-garde and experimental literature and art

NubuWeb will function as an academic, pedagogic and public digital archive, aiming to making public material from and related to Nordic experimental art and literature from the mid 1900’s and onwards. With UbuWeb (founded by Kenneth Goldsmith) serving as a model we want to present texts, visual material and sound recordings, but also (and unlike UbuWeb) offer academic and more popular articles shedding light on and discussing the material. The purpose of this grant application is to produce a functioning, attractive and available prototype of this archive. Vi have obtained rights to publish materials from a few key collections and archives that above all represents the Scandinavian Avant-Garde of the 1960’s. These are: the archive of the Swedish journal Rondo (1961–64); the extensive literary remains of Danish writer Hans Jørgen Nielsen (1941–1991); the archive of Swedish journal Ord&Bild (1892–). We are also engaged in a dialogue with Umeå University Research Library about securing rights to the tape recordings that Swedish writer Sara Lidman made during her research for her “reportage book” Gruva (1969). NubuWeb will cooperate with Gothenburg University Library, The Swedish Literature Bank, and Centre for Digital Humanities at University of Gothenburg, with regards to digitizing, server space and technical competence. The aim is to have a fully functioning prototype of NubuWeb in the spring of 2019.
Grant manager
University of Gothenburg
Reference number
SEK 400,000.00
Kommunikationsprojekt II
General Literature Studies