Johan Östling

The art of communicating knowledge: "Under strecket" as a digital resource in a new media landscape

In 2018, Svenska Dagbladet’s daily essay-page “Under strecket” celebrates 100 years. It is a unique forum for qualified knowledge dissemination aimed at a broader audience. For this reason, we want to make an effort to deepen the understanding of this platform for communication and show how “Under strecket” can be used as digital resource in today’s media landscape. The project comprises three interlinked purposes. Firstly, we want to make some of the rich historical archives available to the public through curating, social media, visualization and personalization. Secondly, we want, on the basis of this unique press material, to contribute to analyses of the changing content, expression and character of academic knowledge during the last hundred years. Thirdly, we want to stimulate discussions about the conditions of the circulation of qualified knowledge in a rapidly changing public sphere. The project is a collaboration between a group of Swedish scholars and Svenska Dagbladet. The newspaper will also contribute with considerable financial support to the project. Our ambition is that the project will break new ground in reviving archival material and simultaneously reaching out to a broad public. We want to draw lessons from 100 years of this specific form of research communication – and make sure that it is given the best conditions for a prosperous future.
Grant manager
Svenska Dagbladet
Reference number
SEK 300,000.00
Kommunikationsprojekt II