Isabelle Dussauge

The Fetus: Animated, historical short film

"The Fetus" is an animated short film about historical and contemporary understandings of the fetus, abortion and the origin of life. It addresses a broad audience, and especially youth and young adults. The main purpose of "The Fetus" is to show that how we understand fetuses has varied in time and as a result of what political role different social groups (doctors; anti-abortion movements; sex educators; etc.) have wanted fetuses to perform. An additional message is that both bodily experiences and claims about the body are mediated by cultural and social norms. With animated collages of historical film- and photo materials we question the visual culture surrounding the fetus and create associations which are not possible to communicate with text. "The Fetus" is a cooperation between the Department of history of Science and Ideas, Uppsala University, and the award-winning film collective "Don t Stop The Motion".
Grant administrator
Uppsala University
Reference number
SEK 450,000.00
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