Luis de Miranda

CREA: Cross-Disciplinary Research on Effectual Anticipation

“Anticipation” is a rich notion that includes cognitive, existential and cultural aspects, and is active across a wide range of contexts: it concerns both human expectations and artificial predictive systems. Anticipation Studies are a timely lens into our current techno-social era, allowing for a cross-fertilization of ideas, models and collaborations. At Örebro University, Luis de Miranda, philosopher and historian of ideas, together with Professor Alessandro Saffiotti, head of the Cognitive Robotic Systems Laboratory, are initiating the CREA research network: Cross-disciplinary Research on Effectual Anticipation. The initial phase of the project is to facilitate international collaboration towards the articulation and understanding of various aspects of anticipation. The long-term goal is to develop a research center, a model, and a methodology that shall be more effectual, holistic and sustainable than predictive analytics or other models of decision-making, behaviour planning and future mapping. A monthly seminar with world-leading specialists of anticipation, as well as two workshops in partnership with Unesco representatives. We will work in close collaboration with the Unesco Chair in Anticipatory Systems and its educational Futures Literacy program. This will result in the seeding of a new cross-disciplinary international network.
Grant administrator
Örebro University
Reference number
SEK 125,000.00
Research initiation