Christian Horn

Rock Art in Three Dimensions – Documentation, Research, and Outreach

This infrastructure project will establish a collaboration between archaeology, data science, and digital humanities to develop an effective tool that uses 3D data to explore rock art to its fullest extent. The Svenskt Hällristningsforskningsarkiv (SHFA) will create an interdisciplinary platform for data-driven analysis in collaboration with the Centre for Digital Humanities at Gothenburg University and the Department of Computer Sciences and Engineering at Chalmers. The platform will use methods from the fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning for image recognition, object detection, and segmentation. This not only provides the best visualization of engraved images currently possible, but the trained algorithm will eventually be able to recognize images, for example, boats from different periods. The project aims to integrate the interdisciplinary platform into the research infrastructure of the SHFA and make use of the data visualization in a mobile app that will be developed during the project. By integrating 3D data, modern data-driven visualization, and analysis, the suggested project strengthens and enhances the infrastructure of the SHFA to account for all three dimensions of rock art studies: documentation, research, and outreach.
Grant administrator
University of Gothenburg
Reference number
SEK 5,480,000.00
Infrastructure for research