Henrik Wenander

The Constitutional Role of Public Administration in the Nordic Countries: Democracy, Rule of Law and Effectiveness under European Influence

The project looks into the constitutional role of public administration in the Nordic countries by using a comparative legal method. As stable democratic societies basing on the rule of law, the Nordic countries and their administrative structures have gained international interest. In a democracy based on the rule of law, administrative authorities such as tax authorities or municipal social boards should effectively carry out the political will of democratically elected politicians, but in a manner that safeguards individual rights and the rule of law. The requirements flowing from EU law on administrative procedure have meant further challenges in this respect. The different approaches to this balancing between the interests of democracy, rule of law and effective administrative decision making in the Nordic legal systems are central to the research project. The project is to be carried out by a legal scholar during 3 years. It explores the existing legal framework concerning the organisation of the authorities, the scope for steering administrative action and accountability. The existing Nordic public law systems as expressed in legislation, case law and scholarly debate will be analysed and systematized to identify the existing legal structures. By looking at the Nordic systems in parallel, the project will be able to identify common features as well as important differences. In this way, the project can provide new perspectives on societal matters of crucial importance.
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Lunds universitet
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SEK 1,883,000.00
Law (excluding Law and Society)