Magnus Linton

Written meaning

In today s increasingly standardized and almost industrial system of academic mass publication, joyful writing and storytelling for a larger audience is being successively marginalized. A significant part of texts produced by scholars is no longer a result of interest, curiosity, or the urge to contribute with something new. As the subcultures of academic research get smaller the jargon of certain groups is circulating in increasingly narrow circles, and a language emerge that seems natural to people within the tribe but appears foreign or unconceivable to others. As a result, many researchers experience in a loss of faith in meaning, and a frustration with the expectations of adapting to a generic mass production model of texts produced without ambitions to reach an actual audience. The purpose of the project is to acknowledge and counteract this trend through a series of seminars and workshops on writing, aimed at stimulating and discussing knowledge-based text production for wider circles outside the disciplinary molds. The idea is to design at least six workshops on writing, a kind of ambulatory text lab, which will be available to academic institutions all nationwide that experience a need, as well as individual doctoral students or scholars who seek inspiration regarding the future of their writing and narrative skills. The project’s overall purpose is to contribute to more animated writing and readable texts by scholars, and thereby enlarge their audience.
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Institutet för Framtidsstudier
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SEK 443,000.00
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