Research grants


RJ has increased the size of its annual grants awarded, at a rate considerably higher than the rise in the consumer price index.

The increase has been made possible both by the Humanities and Social Sciences Donation (1994) of SEK 1.5 billion and the Erik Rönnberg Donation (early 1990s) of SEK 9 million, and by profit from financial management, which has substantially extended the foundation's asset base.

Research grants awarded, 1989–2019

Graph Research grants awarded 1998-2019

For the ten-year period 2010–2019, research funds awarded amounted to SEK 4,196 million while the foundation's assets increased from SEK 9,541 million to SEK 14,612 million. At year-end 2019, profit brought forward made up 16.8 times the research funds awarded for the year and the costs of conducting the foundation's activities. Results from financial management thus contributes to the purpose of supporting academic research associated with Sweden.

Table ten year overview research grants