RJ Research Initiation 2021


RJ Research Initiation is intended to initiate activities that will in some way result in new research in the humanities and social sciences.

This support form aims to facilitate initial scholarly processes and help define and delimit various scholarly questions for future research. In this way, it focuses on the phase of the research process in which research ideas are discussed and that precede the research.

As such, RJ Research Initiation is intended to support arranging different types of scholarly meetings, such as conferences, seminars and workshops, and the creation of new research networks through scholarly meetings.

Grants can vary in size, but their purpose is always to initiate new research by stimulating and promoting contacts in the research community.

Review process

Assessment criteria:

  • relevance
  • feasibility
  • purpose.

RJ gives priority to applications with international dimensions.

Funding decisions are made by RJ's Executive committee 6–8 times a year. For this reason, there are no set dates for when decisions are made. No formal motivations for decisions are provided.

Applications and budget

Grants for RJ Research Initiation may be applied for at any time during the year. However, the activities for which the funds are sought need to be planned well in advance. RJ never awards grants for meetings that have already taken place.

The summary is to be written in Swedish and English and may be at most 1,500 characters, including spaces. It should explain the activity's relevance, its purpose and how it will be implemented.

The project description may contain up to 12,000 characters, including spaces. It is to be written in Swedish or English and is to include information on:

  • the scholarly purpose of the meeting
  • relevant research
  • a programme with information about when the meeting will take place and named speakers.

The budget is to specify and explain all costs s. Unspecified or unexplained costs will not be approved. Indirect costs s, salaries, fees, unforeseen costs and costs associated with publications will not be approved.

Costs s for travel, meals and accommodations need to be consistent with the grant administrator's travel and representation rules.

The minimum application amount is SEK 50,000.