• The applicant is to have completed their PhD by the application date.
  • By the application date, the applicant must have submitted final reports on previous research grants awarded by RJ.
  • The applicant may only submit one application.
  • Only one applicant per application is allowed.
  • A connection with Sweden is required. This means that the applicant is to be active in Sweden (with a formal link to a Swedish HEI) or that a Swedish research institute is actively involved.
  • The project is to be linked to companies or organisations within the private, public or non-profit sector.
  • The project period is to be at least one year and at most three years.
  • The work time in the project is to total at least 50 per cent and at most 100 per cent.
  • At least 50 per cent, but at most 67 per cent, of the project period is to be done at the host organisation.
  • The project work can either be conducted in parallel at the host organisation and the HEI or divided so that the first part of the project takes place at the host organisation and the final part at the HEI.
  • Both the host organisation and the HEI share responsibility as employers.
  • Co-funding from the host organisation and the HEI is required. RJ covers 75 per cent of total salary costs including the employer’s social-insurance contribution top-up (LKP) and the remaining 25 per cent is covered by the host organisation and the HEI. The host organisation and the HEI provide a work room, standard office infrastructure and other benefits at the place of work.
  • RJ does not fund projects that have already begun.
  • The applicant may not be currently employed by the host organisation.
  • Applicants must report any ongoing research grants and grants obtained in parallel with a project grant from RJ.
  • The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the research is compatible with the ethical guidelines established by the Swedish Research Council and that ethical review is carried out where necessary.