Application and budget


Applications are submitted through RJ's application system. Familiarise yourself with the application form while reading the instructions below.

The application must contain the following parts:


Write the summary in Swedish and English. The summary may be at most 1,500 characters, including spaces and should explain the activity’s relevance, its purpose and how it will be implemented.

Project description

Write the project description in Swedish or English. The description may contain up to 12,000 characters including spaces and is to contain and list:

  • The purpose and scientific relevance of the meeting
  • A detailed program stating
    • The time for the meeting
    • The place for the meeting
    • Named speakers/participants.


  • Only include operating costs.
  • Expenses for travel, meals and accommodations need to comply with the grant administrator’s travel and representation rules.
  • Indirect expenses, salaries, fees, unforeseen expenses and costs associated with publications will not be approved.

Budget specification

Write the budget specification in Swedish or English. Specify and explain all budgeted costs. Unspecified or unexplained expenses will not be approved.