Swedish Foundations’ Starting Grant


We want the Swedish Foundations' Starting Grant to create the conditions for younger researchers at the forefront of European research to be able to continue their research in the long-term.

Every year a number of researchers at Swedish universities make it to the interview round for ERC's Starting Grant. Some receive funds, some receive top marks but no funding because the ERC's budget is limited.

Swedish Foundations' Starting Grant is a collaboration between the Erling-Persson Foundation, the Kemp Foundations, the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and the Olle Engkvist Byggmästare Foundation. The decision to grant funds is made individually by the participating foundations in accordance with their statutes and procedures.

Through the initiative, researchers are offered approximately EUR 1.5 million for five years, but they must continue to apply for funding from ERC to receive an additional year's funding. If funding from ERC is granted, the Swedish funding is terminated. The grants should not be a substitute for ERC funding. Instead, they should be seen as a step towards receiving ERC funding.