RJ has routines for evaluating the use of grants within the regular support forms: research initiation, infrastructure for research, programmes and projects.

We regularly evaluate special initiatives, and the forms of support as such, as well.

Why is evaluation done?

For RJ, it is important to report on the quality and impacts of the research support, both to the Board of RJ and to the review panel members, but also to other interested parties and the public.

We carry out evaluation to:

  • ensure that the results from the research support correspond to the purposes of the foundation
  • check that the grants have been used as planned
  • issue information, internal and external, on RJ's research support
  • contribute to quality assurance of RJ's internal work.

Every evaluation must conclude with a decision from the Chief Executive. Feedback on the results of the evaluation is given to those whose work has been evaluated and also to the Board, the review panels and the secretariat. RJ engages external experts (peers) for evaluation of research support. RJ collaborates, in its evaluations, with other stakeholders both in Sweden and internationally.