Follow-up, Projects


Every year, RJ follows up all the projects. The follow-up is carried out by RJ's review panels when roughly one year's funding for the project remains.

The project leader is then given the opportunity to receive views from the panel members in the course of the project. For the review panels and RJ's secretariat, the follow-up represents important feedback on the work.

The purpose of the follow-ups is to:

  • check that the project is going as planned
  • note significant deviations from the project plan
  • give the go-ahead for continuing the project.

The follow-up is both in writing and in the form of a 'project visit', when the review panel concerned meets the project leader to discuss the project. The project visit provides feedback for the project leader, both at the time of the actual visit and afterwards in written form. Examples of questions asked are: 'Is the project plan being followed or has the project changed direction?' 'What are the most important results of the project, as far as this can be judged at present?' 'Does the project have international ties and in that case what are they?' and 'What is the publication strategy for the project?'

RJ's Chief Executive decides on whether to approve the follow-up or whether an in-depth evaluation is required. An in-depth evaluation may result in the project grant being withdrawn or reduced in size.