Research initiation


Research initiation refers to funding for organising different types of scientific meetings, such as conferences, seminars, and workshops and the creation of new research networks. The funding is intended mainly for initiation of activities that will result in new research in social sciences and humanities.

Review process

Grants for research initiation can vary significantly in size, but their purpose is always to enhance mobility and support opportunities for contacts in the research community. Applications with international exchange are given particular priority.

Funding decisions are taken at intervals of about 2-4 times each semester. There are no set dates for these decisions. No formal reasons for our decision will be given. The grants awarded are disbursed on a requisition basis.


Grants for research initiation may be applied for at any time during the year. Thus, there are no deadlines to meet. However, the activities for which the funds are sought must be planned well in advance.

The summary, to be written in Swedish and English, may comprise up to 1500 characters including spaces. It should explain why the activity is important, its purpose and how it will be implemented. The summary should be formulated in such a way as to be intelligible to an interested layman. If the application is approved, the summary will be posted on RJ’s website.

The project description may contain up to 19,200 characters including spaces, is to be in Swedish or English and is to include:

  • the purpose of the planned activities;
  • the current status of research in the field;
  • the final programme, including participating speakers and the titles of their talks.

The budget is to:

  • specify and explain all costs and state the distribution of funding between RJ and any other sources of funding under Budget comments.

Unspecified or unexplained costs will not be approved.

Granted funding for research initiation normally covers all direct costs related to scientific meetings, so co-funding from other sources of funding is not normally necessary and should be avoided. Large and very costly international conferences, where two or more fund providers commonly share the expenses, are the exception. Within research initiation, funding of indirect costs and salaries is not awarded. Costs related to publications are not permitted within the scope of this grant.

For further information, contact Fredrik Lundmark