Communication projects


Final reporting is to occur no later than the date specified in the contract.

The report is completed by the project leader via RJ’s website and must be signed by the project leader and the grant administrator.

The financial final report is completed in a specific field in the web form, where a comment on the financial final report can also be submitted. The second part of the final report is to detail the results of the project and is published in full on RJ’s website.

The scholarly final report is to be a cohesive text of no fewer than 3,000 and no more than 10,000 characters per language (including spaces, excluding the publication list).

The following items are to be reported:

  • Purpose of the project and how it progressed.
  • A short description of how it was implemented and a discussion of whether the project’s goals were achieved.
  • Experiences and lessons learned.
  • Web pages, any publications and links to publications published in accordance with the requirement for Open Access.

Instructions for online reporting

To submit the final report, log in using the project leader's username (e-mail address) and password.
Conclude by clicking "Submit".