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    RJ supports research in Humanities and Social Sciences. Support is provided in several forms: programmes, projects, infrastructure for research, and also for researc... Read
  • Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
    Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) is an independent foundation with the goal of promoting and supporting research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. In 1962, the Ri... Read
  • Pro Futura
    Pro Futura is a post-doctoral programme for leading research providing particularly promising young researchers with an extended period of financing for independent ... Read

  • Centre for cognitive semiotics
    Published: 2015-08-17 08:28:14
    In order to understand what is specific to humanity, we need to consider the process, which is both biological and historical in nature, by means of which human beings were separated from other animal species. Scholars within philosophy, linguistics, semiotics, cognitive science, human ecology, architecture, and the study of theatre and music have here been united under one theoretical umbrella, cognitive semiotics, having the purpose to integrat... Read more
  • Strategy and structure of entrepreneurial universities in the Nordic countries
    Published: 2015-08-12 09:43:40
    The external pressures on universities to become more flexible, adaptive and responsive to the needs of the society have been strong the last two decades. New national policies, legal frameworks and financial means have been introduced to enable the development of a more responsive university. The transformation of universities to become more proactive and entrepreneurial together with the development of a third role, besides research and educat... Read more
  • Bayesian analysis of dynamic factor models
    Published: 2015-08-12 09:20:41
    When forecasting macroeconomic variables, such as GDP-growth and inflation, a huge number of potentially informative time-series of varying quality are often available. Ignoring part of this information will necessarily lead to sub-optimal forecasts. On the other hand, utilizing all series in a statistically and computationally efficient manner is a formidable task. Within this project, so-called dynamic factor models are studied. Such models ... Read more
  • Art, career and gender. The career pathways of male and female artists and the recruitment of professors at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Valand Art Academy 1945-2000
    Published: 2015-08-12 09:13:24
    Men have dominated the most prestigious positions as art teachers throughout the twentieth century. At the Royal College of Art alone, 44 men were appointed professors between 1945 and 2000. The first woman professor at an art academy was appointed in 1985, and up until the year 2000, only six women in total had received this title. Until now, almost no research has been done on the subject in Sweden. The aim of this project is to use methods an... Read more
  • Water as archaeological material
    Published: 2015-08-12 08:53:13
    Social sciences and humanities have a renewed interest in materials and their properties. What we know, express, understand and write has a material and prediscursive content. Material properties set limits and create opportunities for technological and social development depending on the capabilities of materials to mesh with other materials. In archaeology, the focus is often set on materials that are solid at normal earth temperatures (metal,... Read more
  • Call för papers
    Published: 8/29/2014
    International workshop in Stockholm 23–24 April 2015, organised by Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond’s sector committee ‘Mediatisation of Culture and Everyday Life’ in cooperation with ECREA TWG Mediatization. This workshop prioritises cultural perspectives in both the aesthetic and the anthropological sense, attending to arts and cultural industries as well as cultural practices of making sense in/of their daily lives. Read more
  • Flexit call 2014
    Published: 7/3/2014
    RJ now invites applications for three Flexit jobs: three in-house research positions at three different organisations in Sweden. Flexit seeks new, flexible solutions designed to spread research and researchers outside higher education institutions (HEIs). Read more
  • The Flexit programme Progress report 2013
    Published: 5/20/2014
    The purpose of this progress or monitoring report is to support decisions on how Riksbankens Jubileumsfond’s (RJ) Flexit initiative can be developed. This aim has entailed efforts to make recommendations and proposals in the report concrete and practicable. In the Flexit programme, some projects have been under way for a year and others have ended. It is a small programme with few stakeholders so far. These stakeholders’ experience and perception... Read more
  • Call for applications: Frö program 2014
    Published: 2/7/2014
    The FRÖ program is made to promote the cooperation between French and Swedish researchers by giving the possibility to have a short experience in France (1 to 4 weeks). The program intends to establish new collaboration or strengthen the existing ones between French scientists, universities or research centers. Read more