Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) supports advanced research by awarding grants to individual researchers or research groups.

Under the Statutes (ยง2), 'precedence shall be given to areas of research whose need for funding is not otherwise as well provided for'. Since the Humanities and Social Science Donation was established in the early 1990s, this has been interpreted to mean that RJ should primarily support Humanities, Social Sciences, Law and Theology.

Given the one-sided thrust of current debate on research, it is vital to bear in mind the strategic importance of subjects and research findings not only in Technology, Natural Sciences and Medicine but also in Humanities and Social Sciences. Nonetheless, researchers in the latter two subject areas often find it more difficult than their scientific colleagues to define the nature of their own contributions to society.

RJ works actively on a broad front. Accordingly, researchers who serve on the Board and in review panels are required to possess wide-ranging expertise. In addition, some members of the foundation's review panels and Board also have specialist knowledge of economics and politics. With this composition, RJ represents extensive experience. It may be described as an all-round liaison body serving to link different research areas and connect research with other central public interests.

The aim is for the sums awarded to be generous enough for RJ's grants to attract the most eminent researchers and fund the best ideas. RJ provides support in a limited number of forms of support, suitable both for individual researchers and for groups of various sizes. RJ caters for the whole research process by granting funds for printing, translation and open-access publication as well. RJ uses its freedom of action by working in a problem-oriented, flexible way. Thanks to measures that are unique to RJ, it has been possible to strengthen the quality and diversity of Swedish research. Collaboration with other funders to support high-priority research can give the grants from RJ great leverage.