Risks and risk management


RJ's investment policy, adopted by the Board, lays down the emphasis of investments, limits to investment risks, approved financial instruments, return targets and ethical guidelines.

Within the framework of the investment policy and decisions on such matters as the reference portfolio made by the Finance Committee, investment decisions are delegated to the Finance Department, which is headed by the foundation's Finance Director.

Rules, investment policy

All securities are held in a Swedish bank deposit. Financial administration is managed by RJ's finance department under the leadership of the Director of Finance . Since 2022, RJ's back-office has been outsourced to the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet).

Every year, RJ sets up a financial sustainability test ('stress test') to assess the impact on the foundation's future dividend capacity that would result from a scenario involving a sharp fall in asset value. Investment risks can be classified among the following risk factors:

  • Market risks, including shares, property, currency and interest risks;
  • Credit risks, including counterparty risks
  • Liquidity risks