Collaboration support


From 2022, RJ gives collaboration support to successful RJ Project applicants to help them promote their collaboration and the sharing of their findings. 

RJ also encourages all researchers applying for grants to incorporate plans for collaboration and sharing of findings in their applications, and to apply for additional collaboration support beyond RJ’s SEK 150,000 collaboration support. 

For some time, RJ Programme has provided the option of initially applying for grants for collaboration and sharing of findings. RJ Programme also awards funding to complete projects with a summarising publication and concluding conference. 

Collaboration is defined liberally and can include lecture series, videos, podcasts, exhibitions and so on. It can also include collaborations in the form of targeted advising of decisionmakers or projects together with practitioners and/or stakeholders on the researcher’s findings and other initiatives aimed at communicating, utilising, communicating or in other way sharing research and knowledge.  

Collaboration support

From 2022, approved RJ Projects are automatically awarded support of up to SEK 150,000, which is requisitioned based on actual accumulated expenses. When requisitioning the support funds, send a short description of what has been done to RJ’s Director of Collaboration. The collaboration support can be used up to three years after the end of the project and does not impact the final reporting of the research project.