RJ Flexit

RJ issues grant funds after having received a requisition from the project leader.

RJ only accepts requisitions sent by the project leader. The amount is disbursed to the grant administrator.

Fill in the requisition:

  1. Log in the same way as when submitting the application.
  2. Complete the requisition form: Request funds equivalent to approximately six months of planned expenditure. All fields up to "Financial reporting" must be filled in.
  3. To requisition additional funds after the first half-year of project work: Report the expenses of the previous half-year in the "Financial reporting" section.
  4. Future requisitions must adhere to the budget approved by RJ for the project. They may cover up to six months of estimated expenditure. The contract specifies the total and partial amounts.
  5. Save the form with the project's reference number (e.g., FX23-0001) on the computer and send the file to requisition@rj.se.
  6. RJ can disburse funds only if the contract, signed by the project leader and grant administrator, has been received by RJ.