Financial management


Since 1988, RJ has been an independent financial entity with its own internal financial management.

The Finance Department comprises the foundation's Financial Director, three Portfolio Managers and one Financial Analyst. In the years 1989–2022, aggregate financial result was SEK 24.5 billion. Equity grew from SEK 1.6 billion in 1988 to SEK 16.5 billion at year-end 2022, while research grants totalling SEK 10.5 billion were approved in the same period.

Besides the original donation from the Bank of Sweden, RJ received further donations of SEK 1.5 billion, which increased the foundation's asset base, in 1993. Every year, RJ makes an allocation to tied-up capital from profit brought forward, to preserve the real original value of the donations. For the years 1989–2022 RJ has allocated SEK 2.2 billion, which corresponds to the rise in the consumer price index.

At the end of 2021, RJ had a strong financial position. RJ's Annual Reports disclose the foundation's return and financial result for each year.

Change in equity  1988-2022

Change in equity  1988-2021


Real-return targets and profits

RJ has, by a substantial margin, met the targets for real return adopted by the Board for the foundation's financial operations.
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Research grants

Favourable results from asset management have enabled RJ to develop its activities and, over time, increase the size of the annual research grants awarded.
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Asset allocation

Currently, investments are made in both Swedish and international shares, Swedish interest-bearing securities, wholly owned real estate and jointly owned real-estate companies and in alternative investments. The distribution of assets among different categories has varied over time, depending on market conditions and the management team's assessment of future trends.
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Risks and risk management

The investment policy, which sets the framework for financial management, is drawn up in consultation with the foundation's Finance Committee and decided by its Board. Every year, RJ sets up a financial sustainability test ('stress test') to assess the impact a sharp fall in asset value would have on the foundation's future dividend capacity.
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Since 2003, RJ's investments have been subject to ethical considerations. These are based on the investment policy requiring RJ to comply with the conventions signed by Sweden in the areas of human rights, environmental conservation and labour law.
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