RJ Programmes


The Programme support form is followed up at least twice. The first time after two years and then again after four years. For the longest programmes, a final follow-up occurs after six years.

The purpose of the follow-ups is to check for any significant deviations from the programme plan and approve the continuation of the programme.

Follow-up 1 – two years after start

The first follow-up is conducted by RJ’s chair group. Prior to follow-up, the project leader is to submit supporting written documentation that serves as the basis for a 1–2 hour discussion with the chair group.

After the follow-up, RJ’s CEO then decides if the programme can be approved or if measures are required to address issues. In that case, the measures are to be completed prior to the second review.

Follow-up 2 – four years after start

During the programme’s fourth year, two external international reviewers conduct another follow-up with support from the chair group. The follow-up is supplemented with a self-evaluation of the programme’s strengths and weaknesses and a selection of the programme’s publications.

Based on the final report from the external reviewers, RJ’s board decides if the programme can be approved or if specific measures must be implemented. This decision is the basis for approving the release of the remaining reserved funds. If RJ decides to terminate the programme early, a plan for winding down the programme is produced in consultation with the project leader.