RJ Infrastructure for Research


The final report must be submitted no later than the date specified in the contract.

The report is completed by the project leader via RJ's website and must be signed by both the project leader and the grant administrator.

The financial final report is done in a specific field in the web form, where there is also an opportunity to leave a comment on the financial final report. 

The scientific final report should present the results of the project and conclude with a list of any publications along with links to publications that are published in accordance with the requirements for open access (Open Access) and other digital materials. The report must be in both Swedish and English. The scientific final report is published in full on RJ's website.

The scientific final report should be a cohesive text of at least 5,000 and a maximum of 10,000 characters per language (including spaces, excluding the list of publications).

The following points should be addressed:

  • The purpose and development of the infrastructure.
  • The project's results so far and a discussion of these.
  • Briefly, how the infrastructure has been utilized and the research initiated with its assistance.
  • Unforeseen technical and methodological issues, as well as deviations from the original plan.
  • Integration of the work within the agency/organization and how the infrastructure will be maintained in the long term.
  • Accessibility of the infrastructure and its compliance with open access and Open Science requirements.
  • Any international collaborations.
  • Any publications that have resulted from research conducted in connection with the infrastructure.
  • Links to own web pages.

Instructions for the web system

To complete the final report, log in with the project leader's username (email address) and password. 
Finish by clicking "Submit".