Collaboration and research communication

RJ's mission and strategies emphasise actively improving access to and application of research. The foundation strives to increase the impact of the humanities and social sciences.

After an extensive evaluation of RJ's previous initiatives with collaboration and research communication, the following strategic priorities have now been adopted by the Board of Directors:

  1. RJ supports collaboration and communication initiatives by researchers within RJ Project and RJ Programme.
    • From 2022, new RJ Projects include grants for special collaboration initiatives.
    • For RJ Programme, we will cover the cost of a summarising programme publication, as has been the case in the past. We will also cover the cost of a public event to present the programme's findings for a wider audience, if so desired.
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  2. RJ Flexit supports collaboration between research and organisations or companies.
    The support form involves researchers in the humanities and social sciences cooperating with organisations or companies where they take a research-based approach to solve a problem or develop an organisation – a concrete collaboration between academia and external partners. Projects typically run for up to three years. From 2022, RJ Flexit is now an annual funding call.
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  3. RJ supports several platforms for research communication.
    Platforms are activities that reach a varied audience with research communication focused on the humanities and social sciences. RJ selects several platforms which, from 2022, receive grants normally for three-year periods. We follow-up the activities and organisations annually and conduct a more in-depth follow-up every three years before deciding on whether to continue providing funding. This support form cannot be applied for.
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  4. RJ publishes a yearbook and works with public organisations to share the contents of the yearbook with a wider audience.
    We ask researchers that have received grants from RJ to present their research in the yearbook based on a predefined theme. The yearbook is presented at public events in collaboration with different organisers and third-parties.
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In addition to the above, RJ sometimes organises special initiatives in the form of targeted calls or assignments. As with all temporary initiatives, we provide information on the application criteria and instructions in relevant channels and in a timely manner. This collaborative work is led by Jenny Björkman, RJ's director of collaboration.