RJ Arts and Culture


Through RJ Arts and Culture, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond aim at enabling   arts and culture to create new productions inspired by research.

Through RJ Arts and Culture grants, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond has awarded SEK 60 million to enable seven organisations to create new productions inspired by research. The funding is going to museum exhibitions, a stage play, an opera, a podcast series and a virtual reality video game.

RJ’s main mission is promoting research in the humanities and social sciences. The foundation also has a long tradition of promoting the dissemination of research results to a broad audience. Humanities and social science research expand our understanding of ourselves as cultural and social beings and is necessary for addressing the major challenges of our time. The arts and culture have a unique ability to use inspiration from research to communicate research findings and to reach a wider audience in new and thought-provoking ways.

RJ Arts and Culture grants will enable the creation of new museum exhibitions, a stage play, an opera, podcasts and video games that are inspired by research in such fields as philosophy, history, psychology and sociology. The seven projects were selected after review by a group of experts specifically appointed for this task.

Funded projects in RJ Arts and Culture:

  • Gothenburg Museum of Art: The End of Time
    (exhibition on apocalyptic visions then and now)
  • Nationalmuseum: To the Sea!
    (exhibition on coastal and maritime tourism)
  • Norrlandsoperan: opera on medical ethics
  • Really Interactive: Terraforming Agency
    (VR game about terraforming)
  • National Museums of World Culture: Bringing Objects to Life
    (exhibition on colonial histories)
  • Teater Halland: The Forgotten Flowers of the Cashier
    (play about how trauma is passed through generations)
  • Tredje Statsmakten: Seeking Happiness from a Pill
    (podcast series on depression and SSRI drugs)