Patrik Åström

Swedish Post-medieval Manuscripts at the National Library of Sweden and Uppsala University Library – a catalouging and digitization project

Historical epochs are arbitrary and govern our thoughts. Consequently, an important body of texts, produced after 1530 but organically connected to medieval text production, has been neglected. Research related to the manuscripts concern legal history, language, book, and art history, but is hampered by lack of adequate catalogues. The better known medieval manuscripts have been attended to within the TTT project, "Text till tiden". The purpose of this project is to create a complete digital catalogue of the approximately 235 post-medieval manuscripts at the National Library of Sweden and Uppsala University Library, and to fully digitize c. 50 representative manuscripts. These younger manuscripts have been neglected by research for a long time, not least because they were produced in a period of transition when book printing was gaining wide-scale momentum. But since the two media continued to co-exist for a long time in parallel discourses, it is important to pay attention to the handwritten production of the 16th and 17th century, thereby opening up for comparative studies of both media types, their distinctiveness and mutual impact. The catalogue will use standard metadata formats and linked open data: TEI for the manuscript descriptions and IIIF for the digitized manuscripts. It will be made available through “Manuscripta – a Digital Catalogue of Manuscripts in Sweden”, a national infrastructure maintained by the National Library of Sweden.
Grant administrator
The National Library of Sweden
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SEK 4,220,000.00
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