Åsa Arping

Doing Class: Intersectional Encounters in Swedish Contemporary Fiction (2000–2020)

This project investigates how class is depicted in Swedish contemporary fiction. Based on literature’s ability to uncover and renegotiate societal as well as emotional and artistic processes, it examines how class is charged with new political meanings and aesthetic expression. The aim is deeper knowledge of the political role of art and post-industrial society’s obscured images of class, as perceptions of work, identity, life style and the welfare state are rapidly changing. In the analyses, class is treated as performative and relational, but also as a set of specific experiences. Theoretically, the study combines norm-critical perspectives, cultural- and textual analysis, and aspects of affect theory and sociology of culture. An intersectional approach is used, with an enhanced awareness of how class interacts with gender and ethnicity. Several preparatory parts have been published. Apart from expanding these, two new chapters and a theoretical framework will be produced. The result will be an academic volume in Swedish and a synthesising peer-reviewed journal article in English. The project includes a one-month research stay at SDU, Odense, in “The Uses of Literature”-programme. This collaboration offers opportunity to sharpen the theoretical tools in an international interdisciplinary environment and to place Swedish literary class depictions in transnational contexts, which in turn promotes future long-term exchange within teaching and course development.
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University of Gothenburg
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SEK 1,210,000.00
RJ Sabbatical
General Literature Studies