Application and budget


The requested application is to be written in English and will consist of:

  1. Explanation of choice of the particular institute (maximum 1 page)
  2. A detailed research description (maximum 4 pages)
  3. A curriculum vitae with a list of publications (maximum 3 pages)
  4. Identify your most important publications and explain why they were important – how it corrected a misconception in the literature, how it advanced subsequent thinking in some way, or how it addressed an important knowledge gap.
  5. Submit your most important work to date (maximum 3 publication). Preferably published articles.
  6. A tentative plan for how the applicant will utilise the SEK 300,000 for activities after the fellowship period at the home institution.
  7. When applying to CASBS, two letters of recommendation are also to be submitted. The letters should describe: (1) The intellectual distinction of the applicant’s previous work and its exceptional attributes, such as originality, adventurousness, timeliness, and impact. (2) The importance and promise of the proposed research, as well as the applicant’s capacity to pursue it rigorously and effectively. (3) The applicant’s potential for contributing to and benefiting from multidisciplinary conversations.


  1. Current monthly salary and employer’s social-insurance contribution top-up (LKP). These two posts must be separated.
  2. A description of the applicant’s family situation. Is the intention to travel alone or bring a family?
  3. No indirect costs or university-wide fees are to be included in the budget. All indirect costs will be transferred to the hosting institutes.

Applications are to be submitted through the RJ application system.

All the above listed material – apart from the publications – should be submitted as one (1) single PDF file. Publications must be submitted separately, also as one (1) single PDF file.

The grant administrator must approve the application, and the project leader and head of department or equivalent must sign the application electronically when the application is submitted.

RJ will only process signed applications.