Application and budget


A complete application is submitted through RJ’s application system. Familiarise yourself with the application system while reading the instructions below. 

The application must contain the following parts: 


Write the summary in Swedish and English. The summary may contain up to 1,500 characters including spaces and should explain why the research task is important, its purpose and how it will be conducted. Formulate the summary so that a layperson can understand it. If the application is approved, the summary will be posted immediately on RJ’s website. 

Project description 

Write the project description in English. The description may contain up to 80,000 characters including spaces. Include the following: 

  • The research question 
  • The purpose 
  • The theory and method 
  • The programme plan with subprojects and a description of the implementation of the programme 
  • The plan for coordinating the programme and keeping it coherent 
  • The contribution to the international research front 
  • The researchers’ roles in the programme 
  • The research leader’s and the researchers’ relevant skills and qualifications 
  • The current employment situation of all the researchers 
  • The plan for how information about the programme and the research results will be communicated, both within the academic community and in society at large. Learn more about RJ’s guidelines for open access to scientific production. 


  • Name research staff. List them as project participants with their monthly salaries, employer’s social-insurance contribution top-up (LKP) and working time in the programme. 
  • Add any salaries for unnamed researchers, including LKP, under Operating costs. 
  • Specify SEK 0 as the monthly salary of project participants who are not being paid in the programme. 
  • Report working time and salary costs, including LKP, for any non-research staff, such as assistants and technical staff, under Operating costs. Do not name them. 
  • Specify and explain resource needs (salaries and operating costs) and working time for non-research staff. 
  • Specify costs for data management or other infrastructural related costs, under Operating costs.
  • Specify costs for disseminating results, including costs for open access and production support. 
  • Do not list any indirect costs or university-wide fees (e.g., IT, premises and administration) in the application. 
  • RJ adds an additional amount to each grant for indirect costs and costs of premises based on RJ’s own model for determining such costs. This also includes costs arising at other research units, both in Sweden and abroad. 

Budget specification 

Write the budget specification in Swedish or English. Specify and explain all budgeted costs. Unspecified or unexplained expenses will not be approved. 

The grant administrator must approve the application, and the project leader and head of department or equivalent must sign the application electronically when the application is submitted. RJ will only process signed applications. 

Data management plan

You need a data management plan for the data generated in the research for which RJ has awarded the grant. You are not to submit the plan to RJ, but the project leader and grant administrator guarantee through their signatures that a data management plan will be in place when the project begins, and that the plan is maintained and followed. Read more about data management plans.