• All participating researchers applying for salary funding must be named.
  • All participating researchers applying for salary funding must have obtained a PhD by the application date (doctoral students may participate in the programme but may only receive a salary after completing their PhD). 
  • Limited funding can be applied for unnamed programme research participants (maximum two per programme).
  • When submitting an application, the research leader must have submitted final reports for any previous research grants from RJ. 
  • The research leader may only submit one application to RJ Programme. 
  • A connection with Sweden is required. This means that researchers active in Sweden with a formal link to a Swedish higher education institution participate in the research. 
  • Costs may be included for researchers active abroad. 
  • The programme is to last six to eight years. 
  • Each researcher may work with the programme at most 75% per year. 
  • The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the research is compatible with the ethical guidelines established by the Swedish Research Council and that ethical review is carried out where necessary. 
  • All Swedish higher education institutions are approved grant administrators. RJ reserves the right to determine what other organisations can be approved for each application.