Lars Berglund

Music at Court and University During Sweden’s Age of Liberty (1718-1772): a digitization and database project

This project aims to digitize manuscript music from Sweden’s Age of Liberty (1718–72) and create a research database containing detailed information needed for future research on the material. The manuscripts are held by the university libraries in Uppsala and Lund, and by the Music and Theatre Library, Stockholm. This material derives from the musical activities at the royal court and at Uppsala University. These closely related institutions housed Sweden’s leading ensembles. The material can therefore contribute new knowledge about under researched Swedish music from the Age of Liberty, not least music performed by hofkapellmeister Johan Helmich Roman (“the father of Swedish music”). The musical repertoire is largely foreign, primarily German and Italian, and is of considerable interest also for international researchers. The digital images will be made accessible open access through the libraries’ platforms for digitized cultural heritage (ALVIN, and Libris/Sunet). The research database will be published open access through the Uppsala University Web Hotel. This database will include all relevant information in the musical manuscripts, and will offer researchers a powerful resource for future studies on the eighteenth-century collections included in the project. The database is intended as an open-ended, dynamic, resource, where new data will be added as they become available.
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Uppsala University
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SEK 3,868,000.00
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