Florencia Enghel

Rethinking women’s everyday activism in precarious times

Which are women’s everyday communicative practices for gender justice at present? How do they play out in daily life beyond organized feminist advocacy and collective mobilizations? How do they contribute to the democratic resolution of claims? Which obstacles do they face? And why do they matter? Based on in-depth investigation of the daily lives of Argentinian women at a time of digital capitalism, inequality, and precariousness, during the sabbatical I will synthetize findings from a cutting-edge research project into a scholarly book about everyday activism for gender justice today. The monograph will be among the first to go beyond studies of feminist activists’ media practices and digital struggles and focus on ordinary women. Based on new qualitative data that approaches female communicative and media practices from an intersectional perspective, I will show how women deal with claiming their right to an everyday life free from gender inequality, discrimination, and violence. Via an in-depth portrait of the Argentinian case, I will foreground the significance of the micropolitics of civic participation in current struggles against gender injustice worldwide. "Rethinking women’s everyday activism in precarious times" will contribute insights for governmental and private actors to rethink their positive commitments towards gender justice, and for feminist movements to tap into the agency of ordinary women.
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Jönköping University
Reference number
SEK 1,513,223
RJ Sabbatical
Media Studies